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A Unique Product with huge potential

Infinitech Carbon Clean is one of Perth’s
leading engine performance improvement providers.

With each new generation of vehicle technology comes advancements in both engine performance and fuel efficiency. One thing that doesn't change much though is the nature of internal combustion - which unavoidably leaves carbon deposits as it explosively converts fuel to energy. Even in today's world of hybrids and low-consumption vehicles, absolutely every engine that runs on internal combustion requires Carbon Clean.  Being able to provide this service will expand the capabilities of your workshop, adding extra valjue and earning power to your busniess - even if you are a sole operator.

Infinitech Carbon Clean are exclusive distributing partners for CC-16 Carbon Cleaner ™ of Carbon Clean UK. The technology behind CC-16 was originally developed to be an emission-free fuel, but it was soon noticed to have incredible cleaning properties. The state of the art carbon cleaning we use is the product of several years of research and development in the UK and is the most effective and advanced carbon cleaning system available. Carbon cleaning is a valuable service for every type of internal combustion engine - from cars, 4WDs, buses and trucks, to bikes, boats and all types of farm, commercial and construction vehicles.

The CC-16 is a unique product and presents a huge resale opportunity. If you would like to offer our solution under your own brand or to fit into your existing product range why consider spending money on developing a machine this cutting edge with state of the art engineering when it exists right here?

Why not simply take on the CC16 and make it your own with our extensive re-branding options? If this is of further interest, please discuss your ideas with us and will be happy to customise a solution specifically to your needs.

  • Carbon Clean Partner - You can start your own carbon clean service or expand your garage/workshop services.
  • Carbon Clean Workshop - Static workshop sites looking to offer Carbon Cleaning Services within their existing business.
  • Carbon Clean Engineer - You can become a fully trained accredited CCE offering 'mobile' carbon cleaning solutions within your own designated region.


Full Product Support and Training

When you choose to make Infinitech Engine Carbon Cleaning part of your workshop or business, you will be given all the training necessary to build your expertise, and all the ongoing support needed to keep your business moving upwards.

Branded and unbranded

You can offer carbon cleaning as part of your business' services in whichever way suits you best – as a fully-branded Infinitech Engine Carbon Cleaning product, or completely unbranded and ready for your own name and logo. No matter which way you present it, your new service will have all the benefits of Infinitech Engine Carbon Cleaning both for your customers and your own business.

On-line presence and marketing support

We really help you get started with your new Infinitech service, offering the best marketing and online promotional assistance to get you moving in the right direction. Whether you are trying to land new customers, or simply explain to existing ones the nature and benefit of carbon cleaning, we have all the resources and information you need. By joining the Infinitech family you will become part of our worldwide online directory – helping you to find new customers and provide them with the best service on the market.

We will be happy to consider options of working with you in any way possible. If you have an idea, please get in touch with us today.

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